50 Boars – Part Two BOAR CAVES

50 Boars – Part Two 

After the first two days hunting we had our mate Harry come along for the ride on day three and hold onto a video camera for us. We have known Harry for years and have done a lot of hunting and fishing with him so he was pretty excited to get back with the old team and rip into some boars.

We had saved our best creek for today as we knew Harry could sneak a day off work and come hunting for the day. We had also kept big Max the hound fresh so we had a heavy hitting dog, we knew this creek produced some cracking boars. Last time we hit the creek we hit a tonner straight up that dished out the punishment to the dogs and we ended up with 34 pigs that day. So excitement levels were at an all time high for today.


The last two days we had only really hunted half days due to some flat tyres and barge problems but today we were all prepared and on the water early. We have the Barge loaded up, the two bailers Jesse and Bo joined by the two big boys Max and Horse.

The day started off a little slow it took us a while to get that first boar, but one broke from the creek and Bo was hot on its tail. After she pulled it up we released Horse and he smashed it, its always good to get that first one on the ground. I would just like to mention as well that this is Horse’s third day in a row on the pigs and I have never seen a dog still so keen to keep catching boars. The big fella loves it. As we pushed up the creek we kept hitting boar after boar. A couple of time there were two boars at once and we caught one each, the stuff dreams are made of. Having Harry along with the video camera was awesome it really took the pressure off us filming and allowed us to hunt harder.


One boar Bo bailed up backed himself into a little cave in a dried up creek, Horse came running in and jumped down from the top of the creek and the boar exploded from his Boar Cave and smashed into him. Bo and Horse battled with him until we managed to grab a back leg and put an end to him. Harry caught the whole battle on camera, its is probably our best bit of footage to date. A boar we will never forget.

At the end of the day the total was sitting at 17 sets of tusks on the back of the bike and we reckon we dusted about another 6 with out taking the jaw, so over 20 pigs for day 3. We were stoked. All this footage is available on our latest DVD Boar Caves and the story goes for over 30 mins on non stop action.

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