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Matty – March 2016

After a good trip away November 2015 where we dusted over 60 boars in a few days I found myself down two knives. I lost one (don’t ask) and broke a cheap one on a pig.

After having a yarn to my good mate Ben Clarke from Aussie Feral Game Hunters he suggested trying a new knife from Azero called the Pig Spike.

P1040568     P1040523

I got in touch with Tasco Australia and they explained that they have just finished designing and testing the new knife and it was already on the shelves. After having a chat with Tasco and listening to the run down that it was designed in Australia specifically for the piggin market I decided to order one.

238221-pig-spike2     P1040519

The knife is made by Azero in Spain and as soon as I took it out of the packet I could tell it was quality, it is heavy duty, built to perform well and stand the test of time. I have now tested it on about 10 boars and it performs very well. You can get a good grip on the handle and the blade penetrates well. The blade length is 22cm or 8.6inch (there aren’t many longer out there) so you get a good quick clean kill, which is handy if you hit a mob and are trying to put a pig down quick to run onto another pig.

All in all its a great all round knife one that I am happy to put my name and the Hogs Dogs Quads name behind and short of losing it I think the Pig Spike will be on hip for a long while yet.

Cheers Matty

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