Smiles all round

It’s been a while since we have put up a post but we have still been smashing a lot of good boars and capturing some great footage.

I got invited over to a station hunting by some good mates Dom, Kiethy and Glen I was due for a couple of days away so I loaded the bike onto the ute threw big Horse and big Maxy on and I was away.  Now the fellas didn’t know the area to well and either did I, which is always a bit of a worry when heading to new places as you don’t know the best spot to find some pigs. By the time I had arrived the boys had been hunting for 3 full days for only 3 pigs which took the excitement out of the next couple of days a little. They mentioned they had come across of plenty of dead pigs so looked like someone had beaten us to the action. The station manager had let us know ‘yeah fellas plenty of pigs here at the minute’ which seems to be a common call across any properties I’ve ever hunted and 9 times out of ten we can’t find a thing. I’m sure many people have been in that exact situation.


But we did our best to stay positive and got to planning our next two days hunting. We pulled out the station map and any other maps we had on hand and started seeing what we could find. After an hour or so we planned out a big day for the following day and were starting to bring the excitement back. The following day we were fully loaded and into it early we had 3 quads all with one dog each. The creek we planned to hunt was about 40km away so by the time we got there it had started to warm up and we were getting keen. The creek was pristine nearly dry with little pockets of water every 500m or so. After a km or so I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen a pig, then we started to find dead boars that looked like they were only a week old. Nothing worse when on a hunt is finding someone has only just beaten you too it and got some good hogs. We pushed on up the creek as we had a full day planned and after getting into some really remote places of the creek we started to find some untouched areas and some pigs. The first boar snuck off the creek and was smashed by Kiethy’s dog Roonie we were stoked to get the first one on the ground, it wasn’t long and I had one flush out my side and big max made short work of him. We kept pushing on and picking a boar up every km or so, these boars were only 50-60kg but boy could they punch on and they had some cracking tusks. The highlight of the day was when we found our best boar for the day laid up in the creek looking at us why we all stood on the bank on the other side. We had time to get the video camera out and capture some great footage of him, Glen wanted to put his dog red on him so after a while of filming him we threw red in and he smacked this boar head on, I thought the boar would run but he only stood up seconds before red steam rolled him, I managed to capture an awesome hit up and good battle in the creek which will be on HDQ 4. We made it back to camp by about 4pm with 8 pigs on the ground. We were happy with the day but I felt we could do better.

That night I had the computer out and back into the maps and planned the following days hunt, it looked like this station gets smashed pretty hard so I found the most remote part of the station I could for the last days hunt, this ment we had to do some serious kms and all had to carry extra fuel, but the boys were excited and this got me keen too. Before we knew it we were back into it, this day I brought big horse with me I hadn’t had him out for a few months and was keen to get him back into some action. We started clocking up the km’s heading to the creek I had in mind after an hour or so we finally arrived there and we could tell by the track we cut into it that no one had been in here before and this got the excitement pumping. So we got into it, finding some good water holes just off the creek was we were poking along, we would have only been into it for about 20 minutes and we put up 3 boars and managed to nail 2 of them with some good footage. We were pumped and minutes later Kiethy spotted a big loan boar trotting off and waved me over with the camera, I clicked the camera rolling and gave chase, big horse caught sight of him and the chase was on and boy could this boar move talk about stepping it up a gear this boar had some speed, I knew horse had him covered and it wasn’t long and they hit up in a big cloud of dust and horse was getting rattled, and awesome chase and battle all caught on camera nothing better. While Kiethy and I stopped to take a photo of this solid boar, glen was on the radio letting us know his young bitch had a boar bailed up, so we headed over with the camera to find Reaper, Glens young dog bailing up a nice little boar, we got the camera rolling and let big Roonie go to hit him head on and it wasn’t long and we dispatched of our 4th boar for the morning, there was high fives and some good laughs. We had found the pigs.

We kept pushing on and the pigs were pretty thick picking up a good one very km or so giving all the dogs a chance one out. I managed to spot a nice boar out in some lilly pads in the water bobbing for the bulbs they eat so we pulled up the bikes and headed in on foot. I was on one side of the water hole and Kiethy walked up the other side with Big Roonie to see how close they could get to this boar. I was sure this boar would pull his head up out of the water and take off at any second but Kieth seemed to just get closer and closer, he eventually let Roonie go while this boar had his head under water and the dog hit this boar before the pig knew what was going on, in the tassel in the water the dog went under giving the boar a chance to come flying out right at Kiethys feet, the boar was off with the dog hot on his tail, I couldn’t contain my laughter it couldn’t have gone any better and I managed to capture some top quality footage of the whole event. Ive watched it more than ten times and im still laughing about it. The boar managed to make it about 100m and Roonie had him covered, the boar turned out to be bigger than I thought with another good set of tusks. A couple of photos and we were back on the bike we had to keep moving as we had a lot of country to cover before we got back to camp. We started putting up a few mobs and started recognising how buggered the dogs were as they were running around in the middle of these pigs not knowing what one to go for. We kept smashing em’ down until we had enough and started trying to head out on the track. But the next waterhole had 2 crackers come off it so we were back into it, one flew out my side and one out Kiethys. I had big horse but he was that buggered we had to chase this big boar down on the bikes and Glen soon rolled him with his quad and we quickly grabbed a leg. We flew over and Kiethy managed to pull up the second boar with Roonie and this boar had the best set of tusks for the day, some absolute crackers.


Again we were back on the bikes trying to head home and another boar popped up and Roonie and Horse soon made short work of him, the boars seemed to get better and better as the day went on. We finally managed to make it out on the track and we were all relieved with some buggered dogs. We had a long way back to camp so we started smashing along the track and then what do you know a big mob came right across the track in front of us and all 3 bikes were full noise into the scrub after them, we were all zig zagging about and managed to cut the 2 best boars out and capture some more great hit up footage. Some days things just seem to work and today was one of those days we ended up with 21 for the day and couldn’t be happier, it took us a few hours to get back to camp and by the time we got there we had clocked up 180km for the day, by far the most k’s I’ve done in a day on the bikes but you have to do the miles to get the smiles.
Thanks to Dom, Glen and Kiethy for a great trip I hope to do it all again soon.
HDQ 4 will have this whole hunt with some cracking footage and much more released in Novemeber 2015!!

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