Bryce, Matty & The Team

Bryce originally from Victoria and Matty from NZ first met up the Cape in 2011 and an instant bond was created with their mutual passion for hunting and fishing. These two boys set about doing everything possible trying to catch big angry boars and big fish at every opportunity. This is living!

Greg Fenwick

Greg is a proud Northern Territory fella and a very passionate pig hunter. Greg runs a team of hounds with a mix of Bull Arab, Johnson Bulldog and Cattle Dog. Greg runs HD hunting supplies and stocks a great range of hunting products, including his popular hunting shirts. Keep an eye out for Greg and his awesome pigging rig in up coming Hog Dogs and Quads DVDs. Greg runs a 2013 Kawasaki Teryx 750 with a custom made dog crate on the back, mud tyres, and fully decked out with lights bars LED lights with alloy bash plates underneath.

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  • Craig Logan

    Craig is a local Gulf man who loves getting out bush chasing pigs and bull catching. Craig is also a handy rugby league player and plays rep footy with one of the Queensland bush teams, its no surprise as you see him in a few of the DVDs sidestepping bulls and boars! Craig and his family take Bryce under their wing and show him the local traditions, and put him on boar after boar! Keep an eye out for Craig and his deadly hound Xena in up coming Hog Dogs Quads DVDs. Craig hunts from his 2015 Yamaha Grizzly 550.


    Horse is a big Harlequin Dane x Stag hound. Weighs around 50kg and is 75cm tall. Perfectly suited to hunting the open country up in Northern Australia, big Horsey can go all day and the next. He has amazing stamina and hits the big boars hard.


    Dave is a Warrego Bull Arab. Weighs in at around 40kg. Dave is very fast and agile for his size. He hits Boars head on and has his own unique style of fighting them, which is great to watch. He has also been known to frequent Cairns Central Shopping centre, where he gets into trouble with the Police.


    Bo is a Cattle Dog x Bull Mastiff. Matty bought her for $50 as a pup. She came from a home with family pets and no hunting background. Bo finds well off the back of the quad and can pull up a big pig and sit it on its bum quicker than the rest of the pack. She is surprisingly fast for such a short dog.


    Max is a mix breed from Weipa. Weighs in at over 50kg and is more solid than Horse and stands at 76cm tall. Max has turned into a one out machine and has the size and pace to match it with any boar.


    Indy is a Bull Arab x. Indy has blistering pace and a nose to die for. She will put us on the pigs time after time. After getting a serious injury in 2012 Indy does not hold as well as she once did, but is still a great dog.


    Ralph is a mixed breed who was rescued from a fairly poor upbringing. A very timid dog to begin with, Ralph has turned into a top holder. Pound for Pound Ralph would have to be one of the hardest dogs you will come across, as he only weighs a mere 20kg.


    Mutley is another mix breed. Also originally a rescue dog, Mutley is a solid pack dog. Not great at any aspect of hunting, but solid enough at all aspects to be used when we need him.


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