The top end of Australia is known for its amazing fishing and if Bryce and Matty are not chasing pigs they hit the water in search of that trophy fish.

The boys say that hunting and fishing is in their blood and there’s nothing that gets the blood pumping more. They have put together a few small teasers of some of their fishing adventures so click on the YouTube link’s to check them out.

The boys want to share more and more of their adventures with you guys so if you do want to see more fishing action hit them up via Facebook or flick them an email and let them know what you want to see.

Keep an eye out for more Fishing video’s from the boys in future and check out a couple of their photos below to get you keen for your next trip North.







Danny and Bryce with a Solid barra. The master and the apprentice.



Another solid wet season barra that tipped the meter mark.



Matty with a nice golden barra caught on a soft plastic just on dark.



The boys taking thier little 3.9m tinny offshore and cleaning up on the Spaniards.



Matty with a solid GT. If you have hooked one of these you know they pull like a steam train.




When the fish are on they are really on all these Queenies going over  a meter in length.



Piercy hooked up to a cracker.



Another good barra flying high.



A big grouper that was successfully released.



One of the boys main vessels. A Quintrex hornet 3.9m with a 40hp tohatsu. Small enough to get right up the rivers and big enough to take off shore…when the conditions are right!



Another steam train of a GT that would have gone over 20kg.



The lads wrestling in another quality barra.



The boys had some mates up from Victoria and showed them what the FNQ was all about this big fella went 1.15m.



Letting the big girl from the photo above swim free. The large barramundi are the females and the breeders so these beautiful fish are always released un harmed.. after a couple of photos of course.



Danny again showing the boys how its done.



One of the many magic sites from the top end. A big manta ray in the shallows chasing bait fish.



Another solid barra dancing on top of the water.



This fella just went over the metre mark and swam off to fight another day.



More barra action from the Hogs dogs Quads boys.



Time to head home the worst part of any fishing day!!



Even when your catching nothing, nothing beats being on the water!



A meter plus barra trying to shake the lure.



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