Australia Day Hunt 2015

Australia day 2015 and what better way to spend it then getting the fellas together and heading out for an arvo hunt. Craig had been doing some work on his Suzuki Sierra and he had her back and running and was keen to give it a run out bush. We put the word out to see who was keen for a quick hunt and in no time at all we had a team together. We had Chris and Rodney better known as ‘Wallaby’ join us. Wallaby and Chris were in the Suzuki with one of Craigs hounds Louise, a tiny little thing no more than 15kg that has a heart of gold and can swing like a tick, then Craig and I were on our bikes with the old team Max and Xena.

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The plan was to head out bush to a local creek and use the vehicles to poke along the creek in the heat of the afternoon to see what was about. Wasn’t long and we were doing just that I had one side of the creek the boys in the Suzuki had the other and Craig was down in the dry creek bed. We would have been hunting for about 15 minutes before I saw Craig getting excited in the creek and signalling for a good pig. I watched him unclip Xena and she was off, up the top where I was, was quite thick grass and I only caught a quick flash of the big boars back with Xena hot on his tail. I opened up the quady and was closing the distance as quick as possible. Didnt take long and Xena had pulled this firey boar up and all that I could see on approach was the grass and bushes shaking like mad. She had the big boar covered but he sure left his mark, Xena copped three good hits that missed the plate and she had to be rested for the rest of the hunt much to her disappointment. The solid boar would have been a good 70kg.
Back on the bikes and we were off again, the creek bed was ideal with only a bit of water every few 100m. We were only back into another 5 minutes and Craig spotted another good boar asleep in the creek bed. It was Louise turn this time and once she spotted him the chase was on. Lucky again they came flying out my side and Louise and this big boar were boxing on in no time. Louise being so small made this boar look like a giant but she managed to keep him under control until Craig with a quick stick of the knife soon turned his lights out. Now this pig was a cracker and worth weighing up. 90kgs again still not quite the tonner we were looking for but still a good boar.

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We kept hunting for another hour and we managed to get another bony boar and sow that were asleep together in one of the pools of water.
Now this was the first time id hunted with a Suzuki before and with absolutely no tracks, to be honest I thought it would slow us up. But boy was I proven wrong every time there was a bit of action id look over my shoulder and the boys would be no more than 100m behind me, crossing creeks smashing down trees these little Suzukis are beasts. Once we finished the hunt and had to head back to where we started it was time for a bit of a rally off with Chris and Wallaby up front in the Suzuki giving it absolute hell I was doing my best to keep up to them and still getting shown up. Couldn’t rate the Suzuki highly enough and definety want to look at getting one for myself I cant wait to get out bush in it again!
4 pigs in a couple of hour’s afternoon well spent with the boys!
Happy Australia day everybody!!

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