TJM 4×4 Suspension Review

Having had the TJM XGS 4000 suspension kit on my ute for over 30,000kms and 6 months I am comfortable with putting the Hogs Dogs Quads name behind this 4wd suspension, for those who aren’t aware the both of us who make the hunting/adventure DVDs live in remote parts of Queensland. We travel off road as much if not more than we do on the bitumen. We aren’t based in a major city ┬áin fact the closest TJM store would be over 500km away from us. This makes it essential that we have the toughest gear on our vehicles to withstand the harsh environment what we live in. Un like most people who just do the occasional trip away to our part of the country who have weekly access to 4wd stores and mechanics we may go months without going anywhere near the city.

I am based up in Cape York and recently I towed a boat on a tandem trailer from Darwin to Cape York, the ute was fully loaded with gear and so was the boat. We stopped along the way to fish the Roper River driving on the rough roads of the Roper Highway, we then pushed through to Burketown and drove sections of the Savannah Highway in late March when parts of the road were still washed away from the recent wet season. We then pushed through to just north of Cooktown. All up this was over 5000km of towing a tandem trailer with a fully loaded ute. The TJM suspension stood up to the test.

Having lived up in various parts of Cape York and the NT over the past 8 years I have had my fair share of 4wd vehicles and have tried different types of suspension, I am not one who goes out to try and tackle the toughest 4wd tracks for a challenge but I am often finding myself out on difficult tracks trying to get to a remote spot for fishing or hunting. Usually whilst towing a boat or a tandem trailer with quad bikes and gear loaded up. So the requirement for a suspension set up that not only can handle the long periods of sustained gravel roads but also the undulating bush tracks is a tough challenge that the XGS 4000 suspension has so far proven to handle. The new shocks provide a comfortable ride across the corrugated roads , bitumen road and have handled the heavy loads well. Couple that with being able to get your suspension looked at by any TJM branch over the country and a great warranty, choosing to have TJM under the pig rigs was an easy choice.



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